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DS OOP Layer (DSOL for short) is a object orientated programming library for the nintendo ds. It is written in c++ and is build directly onto libnds. It’s main objective is to let people easily program for the ds in an object orientated way while still allowing people to take more controll if they need it. it also focuses on creating good and clean code and using good programming habits.

The library is fairly new, and therefore is still missing alot of stuff. I do hope that it will be in a state which I can call finished someday (although there is probably always something that can be improved).


older versions:

Documentation generated with doxygen of the library is always included with the download in the docs directory (exept for some of the older versions). You can also find online version of the latest library here.
You can also look at the examples that is included with the download in the examples directory.


  • Install devkitPro. make sure to install msys, devkitARM, libnds and the default arm7 core.
  • Download and unpack the library (see downloads).
  • Doubleclick on the install.bat file*.
  • test the instalation by doubleclicking one of the build.bat files* in the examples. if the instalation (and building) went correctly, there should be a *.nds file inside the same directory as the build.bat file.

* if your not working on windows, open up a terminal/cmd/CLI, change the directory to the same directory as the *.bat file (and the Makefile) and type ‘make install’ to install the library, or just ‘make’ to build the *.nds file.

6 Responses to “DSOL”

  1. Quali says:

    Hi, we have write a news about your work DSOL. We Link your page in our Download Base. Maybe you will support us to, than you can link us > Thanks and best regards. Question? Mail me back :-)

  2. Tris says:

    WOW thanks so much for making this! Surprised there aren’t more comments on it actually, it’s awesome! I really hope you continue developing this, I’ll definitely be using it for everything I make. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Marijn says:

    Hoi robin,
    Ik heb al eerder met je contact proberen te maken, maar ik vraag me af of je dat ontvangen hebt. Maar zou je mij op MSN willen toevoegen, want ik heb vragen over software voor de NDS.

    MSN: removed for privacy protection.

  4. descargar nero says:

    This is an excellent source!!!!

  5. fshost says:

    I tried testing the installation by doubleclicking one of the build.bat files in the examples but I am getting the following error:

    failed to start because FreeImage.dll was not found

  6. vuurrobin says:

    The early download of devkitARM r27 had FreeImage.dll missing, so it would give this error when using grit. The file should be added now, so try reinstalling it and see if that solves it.